Absolutely love everything about Lake Tahoe, I can’t express that enough! I’ll let the photos tell the story. We hiked, paddle boarded, soaked in the sun and didn’t want to leave when the trip was over.

We packed our inflatable paddle boards along for the trip without any regrets.

The Zen of Bonsai Rock

Paddler’s Paradise

Whale / Dolphin Rock

Thunderbird Lodge

Thunderbird Lodge

Emerald Bay Hike / Paddle

Lunch Spot

2 Mile Hike to Bay

Tea Room Climb

Inflate at our Spot

Day Hiking at Stateline

Again the paddle boards were awesome to take along on our trip. They pack up so easy, travel through the airport to hiking in the bags they come with.


Contact me with any questions about the paddle boards

Surrounded by all the beauty that Tahoe offers, we are active believers to keep our planet that way.  Keep Tahoe Blue